Brad Landon

The Warrior's way is the oldest art form


Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Staminan 4

Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 4

Perception 2
Intelligence 2
Wits 2

If you had all eternity to prefect your art how dedicated would you be? This is a question I would have never asked in my wildest dreams. That was until I became the object of rivalry between two vampires. It started shortly after I returned from Japan. I had just finished my advanced training in the martial arts and returned to my first dojo in Chicago. My Sensei allowed me to start training a beginner’s class at night and I met her. Her name was Elizabeth and though I didn’t know it at the time she was a Vampire of the Toreador clan.

Elizabeth had come to two of my classes and I had noticed she seemed overly preoccupied with watching me, especially when I was performing the warm up kattas with the class. Over the next few classes she began asking me questions about where I learned to move so fluid and if it was something I had always been able to do. I simply told her it was all training and effort. She asked if I would mind her inviting a few friends to come and watch the class and I agreed, they showed up the next evening’s class. There were 3 or them a man and two women. They also were very attentive to how I moved, to be honest I found the whole thing kind of creepy.
After the class the man approached and introduced himself as Derek, strangely enough the two other women hung back seeming to defer to Derek. He asked similar questions to Elizabeth and appeared way too interested in me. After he and the two women left I told Elizabeth to make sure Derek knew I was straight, she laughed loudly and told me not to worry. Of course that in no way made me feel any less weirded out. Over the next couple of weeks Elizabeth’s training continued and Derek accompanied by his two women would regularly show and watch showing no interested in lessons, I wish his fascination with me was as uninspired.
The following week Elizabeth missed her first lesson, unfortuantly Derek didn’t. after class was over and all the students had left Derek asked to speak to and I hesitantly agreed, for some reason I don’t remember the conversation but afterward I though Derek wasn’t such a creepy guy after all. In fact I was disappointed that he didn’t show the next night and when class was over I talked Elizabeth’s ear off about how wrong I had been about him. For some reason this made her angry she asked me to driver her home which I agreed to do though not really sure why. I really don’t remember much about the rest of the night.
I woke the next night feeling extremely ill and Elizabeth took care of me the whole night until I passed out again. As I was drifting off I knew I was in love with Elizabeth. This was confirmed the next night when she woke me and I couldn’t stop watching her and I kept trying to help her and when she told me to get ready for class I couldn’t do it fast enough. At class I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Elizabeth and spent way more time with her than I should of instead of monitoring the other students. When Derek arrived he was smiling but after watching me with Elizabeth her got red face furious for some reason and stalked out even knocking down one of the women that was always with him. Elizabeth saw this and had a cursiously satisfied smile on her face.
Elizabeth left me to close up shop saying we would meet again tomorrow night. After closing up I left for my car and waiting for me were Derek’s two women one of them pulled a gun with a silencer and shot me. The bullet hit my arm and before I could react the other one swung a club at me. She connected but my training kicked in and I was able to roll with it though I was surprised how hard she could hit. I struck back hitting her square in the jaw which to my surprise broke. Not stopping to think about it I scooped up the club and threw it at the gal with the gun which struck her in the shoulder luckily she dropped the gun and then she ran.
Strangely my first thought was to call Elizabeth so I did and told her what happened. She swore and told me to drive to her place and she would make arrangements for the one gal I had dropped. Without hesitation and did as she said. When I arrived she met me out front and hurried me indoors. This is where my whole universe changed. Elizabeth told me she was a vampire. Before I could react she was holding my hand and told me her story and about being a vampire. I could hardly believe what she was saying and yet for some reason I could not help but believe it.
She told me that she had earned the right of childer and before I could ask what this meant she was kissing my throat and with an explosion of intense pleasure I passed out or rather when I woke I thought I had. Elizabeth smiled at me and said welcome to the family. I wasn’t sure what she meant still being somewhat dazed though I did notice my feelings for her were no longer as intense and all consuming. I asked her what was happening and she told me that I was now like her, a vampire or rather a Kindred as she said we called ourselves.
So began my new live in the nights of the world. Everything that happened after was a blur. I was introduced to the Prince of Chicago which I found strange, well all of it was now strange but getting permission to live in the city I had lived in most of my life I still think was a bit silly. None the less there were lots of ceremony around my introduction both among the Kindred of Chicago and later within the Toreador clan which I learned I was a part of. Derek was at these events and each time I looked at him he seemed about ready to explode with rage.
Elizabeth started teaching me what it meant to be kindred and I learned quickly. Feeding was my biggest issue but Elizabeth showed me how to not hurt people and that it was actually pleasurable for those I fed on. It was shortly after this that the trouble began. Derek it seems was bent on retribution on Elizabeth for embracing me when he himself had wanted to add me to his collection of ghouls, that and he was a bit unhappy that I had damaged his girls one of which had a scar now from our fight.
So Derek started a campaign of trying to disgrace me with in the clan and trying to get me in trouble with the prince. Every time I tried to feed there always seem to be an interruption or someone watching me. I was followed by a man with a camera. It got so I could barely find a place to sleep during the day. Elizabeth of course complained the elders I did her best to keep me safe and even though Derek was given express orders to knock it off he continued in secret. It seems he was quite territorial about some things.
This went on for about a year until it happened. I was caught feeding on video. It would have been very bad if I hadn’t seen the guy and called Elizabeth. She managed get a hold of him and deleted the original but not before he had sent it to Derek who took it to the prince of course. The whole Toreador clan was summoned to a meeting with the prince a couple of days later to hear the accusations. Derek accused me of breaking the masquerade and showed the video. I am certain he expected the prince to pass judgment then but apparently Elizabeth had covered our butts by going straight to the Toreador primogen after handling the video and guy who had taken it.
The Prince allowed the Primogen to speak on the issue and directed Elizabeth to explain our actions after the incedent adding a comment on Derek’s ongoing efforts to cause trouble for her and myself. The prince listened patiently and then made his decree. Basically it was to knock off all the crap. Derek made to protest and the prince silenced him saying that even though I had been videoed that the actions we took after to ensure the masquerade was maintained were correct and that it seemed the only copy remaining of the video was in Derek’s possession and that was to be handed to the prince and should any other copies exist they were to be destroyed and should it be released in any form Derek would be in breach of the masquerade and destroyed forthwith. I could see Derek holding back his rage as the prince continued which was further more the issue between Elizabeth and Derek was to be resolved immediately and if he heard even a whisper of this issue again he would deal with it and none of us would like the method.
Afterwards Elizabeth decided to remove the source of the issue which of course was me and began making arrangements to have me leave Chicago. We were both saddened by this but she wanted me to go somewhere Derek couldn’t find me. I would train hard and increase my abilities and powers, perhaps gather some allies and contacts then return to Chicago fully able to protect myself from Derek.
It took a couple of days but Elizabeth found a place and got me all the paperwork and travel tickets. She had heard and confirmed a rumor of Camarilla Kindred in a small town in Canada called Moncton.

Brad Landon

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