Leticia Jones (Leti)

Leticia Jones - Gangrel


Name: Leticia Jones (Leti)
Player: Rose
Chronicle: Quebec by Night

Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Conformist
Clan: Gangrel

Generation: 11th (Up from 12th via Diablerrie)

Appearance: 5’8" Dark blonde* Glasses Caucasian

  • Strength 2
  • Dexterity 3
  • Stamina 3


  • Charisma 2
  • Manipulation 2*
  • Appearance 4


  • Perception 4
  • Intelligence 3
  • Wits 3
Talents: * Empathy 0 * Subterfuge 0
  • Alertness 2 * Expression 0
  • Athletics 1 * Intimidation
  • Brawl 2; * Leadership 0
  • Dodge 1 * Streetwise 1


  • Animal Ken 2 * Firearms 0 * Survival 2
  • Crafts 5 (writing) * Melee 1
  • Drive 1 * Performance 1
  • Etiquette 0 * Security 0
  • Firearms 0 * Stealth 1


  • Academics 2 * Linguistics 0 * Cam Lore 1
  • Computers 2 * Medicine * Sabat Lore 1
  • Finance 0 * Occult 1
  • Investigation 2 * Politics 0
  • Law 0 * Science 0
  • Contacts 2
  • Resources 3


  • Animalism 1
  • Fortitude 1
  • Protean 2
  • Serpitus 0


  • Conscience/Conviction 3
  • Self Control/Instinct 3
  • Courage 4


  • Bad Sight -2
  • Sire’s Resentment -1

Humanity/Flaws:* 5
Willpower: 8
Blood Pool: 12


Leti also known as Leticia Jones, was an inspired writer. Since her family were into sports and her father had played a few times, she found her love for them and began to write sports articles. Especially since, unlike her family, she was practically the only one that didn’t have any athletic bone in her entire body.

At the age of six, her parents divorced and her older sister and father moved back to Moncton Canada. She lived with her mother for the next several years, only visiting her sister and father every few summers and some holidays. Luckily, they also visited, so she was able to stay in contact with her sister and father.

After graduating with an Associates in Journalism, she found work easily among the sports magazines and continuously writes articles. In 2007, she received word her father passed and moved to Moncton to stay with her sister. There she got a job as a sports article was looking for new angels when she met with Brad Landon a martial artist of some form. Shortly after, her and her sister was whisked into the Kindred world and thrown into the battle between Kindred and Werewolves.

At one point, she was kidnapped by the Werewolves and stayed for a few days. There, she rescued Stephen, her sire to be from the Werewolves that held her captive as they did let her roam around freely. Once freed, Stephen drank her dry and out of gratitude, created her.

Lettie attempted to learn her new life but Stephen was a hermit and couldn’t answer the many questions that bubbled up concerning the new world she was now in. She was able to return to her sister and Brad Landon was no where to be seen and heard from again. She met Zed, another Gangrel, during a meeting with the other Kindred’s that Stephen brought her to. Finally, someone that could teach her the ways of the Kindred, she lived with Zed who took her sister on as a Ghoul. At least she had hoped but still had issues obtaining her answers and learning the ways of her Clan.

Eventually, she met up with Sabat who assisted her in gaining the knowledge she sought and gave her the opportunity to move to Quebec to continue her training. She had hoped her sister and Zed would move with her, but they couldn’t be swayed. Michael, hearing of this, sent his child Isabella with Lettie to assist in the transition and learning.

Leticia Jones (Leti)

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