Name: Mikkel
Chronicle:Fall of Moncton
Concept: Libertine/Hedonist/Art Dealer/Collector-Toreador infiltator
Clan: Baali
Generation:7th up from 9th via Diblerie


Mikkel was born in March of 1974 to a life of ease and privilege. His family came from old money-East Coast textile barons. His family was aristocratic.genteel,but somewhat cold and distant. He didn’t see his family much. Perhaps it was for this that Mikkel turned out the way he did. Mikkel went to all the right schools was seen at all the right engagements,and pretended to have all the right interests. His only real interests were seducing innocent young debutantes,producing erotic photography,studying the occult,or conducting what he called “social experiments” spreading outrageous rumors with a grain of truth,,or simply reading people and pushing the right buttons to get the maximum effect.Psychology was another subject that Micheal or Mikkel dabbled in.

In his university years he developed a deeper obsession with the occult and psychology. He discovered sex magick. He also learned hold his tongue,or keep secrets,only unleashing his acidic tongue at the right moment or revealing the secret when it was most advantageous to him,or most destructive to his enemies. But you would never know this about Mikkel as he usually presents himself as friendly,helpful and trustworthy. Many find that before they realize it they are confiding deep secrets about themselves especially after some probing questions from Mikkel…Mikel was an atheist-or,more accurately, he believed himself to be his own God,ultimately responsible for his actions and destiny.

As he grew older his proclivities grew darker,and more pronounced. His art,photography, possessed a certain surreal or twisted eroticism. He loved to read decadent authors,and the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey inspired a series of self-portraits which won him awards and some minor acclaim. Mikkel’s downfall was, and still is innocent girls. The thought of corrupting them or capturing and imprisoning them filled his active fantasy life. He also got a rush for getting girls to pose for very compromising pictures doing very compromising things….Sometimes he took things a bit too far with some of his subjects,and the police were even called on one occasion,but with his families wealth and reputation,the incident was only a minor inconvenience.

Micheal began to gain a reputation of being exceedingly wicked which he enjoyed,but it was harder to seduce the young innocents in his immediate circle. One ingenue whom Mikkel saw at one of his exhibitions,he found absolutely irresistible-Her name was Cecilia,and she had been watching Mikkel for some time to Embrace into Clan Toreador. She had been a theatre actress and used all her talent to play the adoring innocent ingenue to the hilt. Mikkel was attracted to her like a moth to a flame. He flirted with her,and she seemed receptive. He offered to escort her home then he persuaded her to enjoy some absinte at his studio,and promised to bring her home directly. In the studio Mikkel came on strong to Cecilia who appeared to be pure and virginal,protesting weakly as he was unbuttoning her blouse,but then her fangs descended and Mikkel became the prey rather than the predator. Mikkel was overcome by the pleasure of the Embrace and everything went dark-That night he became a Toreador. The year was 2001. Cecilia taught Mikkel all he needed to know about the Camarilla,the Traditions and existence as a kindred. He had a long and grueling apprenticeship. They remained primarily in New England. Mikkel worked on his photography. At the urging of his sire,he tried to get accepted at Elisa’s exclusive artist colony in Province Town on Cape Cod,but Mikkel’s art was deemed base or pornographic by the Toreador elder and her cronies. Although in some circles,Mikkel’s art was considered very avant-garde-essential said one critic. Mikkel. Mikkel was able to garner some influence in the art world,and encouraged other artists by exhibiting their works or collecting them.

Mikkel arranged it so that he was the sole heior and benefactor of the family fortune. His parents met an unfortunate accident…. as did his older sister and co-heir. In Massachusettes,Mikkel earned the wrath of a Ventrue Elder by seducing and taking compromising photographs og his new favorite childe which he exhibited at a small gallery he owned. It caused his fellow Toreador to titter maliciously and completely humiliated the Ventrue Elder. The Elder used his inffluence with the Prince anc cashed in his boons to have a blood hunt called on Mikkel. (Blood Hunted in Massachusettes-4)

Mikkel’s sire Cecilia had some contacts in Moncton,New Brunswick. It was a remote enough city and the Kindred anonymous enough that Mikkel could continue to exist in relative peace. Moncton is close enough to his Sire that it is less than a day away by car.

Mikkel has several havens and areas of influence. One is the Aberdeen Art Studios,The Capitol Theatre and Angie’s-a strip club. He is attempting to get the Aberdeen Art Centre proclaimed an Elysium. Mikkel’s outer goals are to become a necessary member of Kindred society. He wishes to promote and collect art. As a poseur-(an appellation he has no difficulty accepting ,incidentally)he wishes to create memorable parties and artistic events. Mikkel’s attitude is it is better to be talked about than not.


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